Connected. Smart. Farms

We operate the most technologically advanced farms in India
increasing the yield per acre by 5x.


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Why Choose Himifarms?

Our managed farm network grows high quality and traceable fresh produce for specific & predictable
demands. The managed farm network of greenhouses are based in peri-urban and rural areas surrounding
urban consumption zones, thereby ensuring freshness and reducing spoilage.

Himifarms provides a full stack agronomy solution to the
greenhouse farmers in the network, improving yields and standardizing output quality.

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Traceability & Reliability

At Himifarms, we control every aspect of the farming process. From seeds sowed in the farms to the purest produce stocked on the shelves, we ensure quality at every step.

  • Quality Ensured
  • Fully traceable
  • 100% transparency
Traceability & Reliability
Consistency & Freshness

Consistency & Freshness

Our produce is grown with the expert guidance and supervision. The produce is processed and brought to you from our farms which are in your vicinity.

  • Fully Fresh
  • Crops, all year long
  • Rich in nutrition and fully fresh

Brand and Eco-friendly

Himifarms produce is tasty and healthy with 95% less inorganic chemicals used to produce and maintaining standardisation across all the crops. We ensure that you feel good about the food you’re eating.

  • Standardisation
  • More crops, less waste
  • 95% less inorganic chemicals
Brand & Contamination


A full stack agronomy solution

Our suite of services enable our partner farmers to
provide the value proposition we promise to our customers. These farmers are the backbone of Himifarms Farms.


Himifarms provides partner farmers with high quality, premium and authentic inputs like seeds, fertilisers etc. to improve the quality, maintain a standardisation, maximising the yield and at minimum cost.


Farmers entering into new techniques and new crops is always risky for them. Himifarms ensures to educate farmers by providing crop, soil, input, technique advisory.


Introducing farmers to Polyhouses, hydroponic and intelligent farming systems like IoT sensors for proper and targeted irrigation/fertigation etc. partner farmers can increase the yield by 5x to 20x times.

Farm Intelligence

Crop, Weather, Price, Pest Predictions empowers us and our farmers to make and take smart decisions.


Indian farmers suffer from lack of credit scoring which opens up limited optionality to credits and that too at extremely high costs. Himifarms's AI platform scores farmers on socioeconomic parameters providing them access to cheaper capital

Market Linkage

Himifarms creates direct farmer-market linkage. Quality and fresh produce from the farms reach the shelves in just a few hours.

Less Resources, More Yield
& Any Season

Our managed farm network grows high quality and traceable fresh

95% Less Water

10X more yield

365 days a year