Enhanced Lifestyle for Farmers

Increasing the farmer's income & building farmers community & automating farming

Transparency & Reliablity

Blockchain bringing tracebility & months long contracts bringing Reliablity & self management of farms bringing transparency

Transformed Supply Chain

Directly from the farms & Cold, Organised Supply Chain


We are a marketplace from where offtakers of agricultural products can purchase fruits & vegetables according to there requirements in terms of quality, grade, consistency and price. We automate the farming process by providing producers of agricultural products with suite of services to increase to yield and decrease their resource requirements


Building an integrated agriculture value chain


An eCommerce platform to purchase fresh produce directly from farmers.

Himikara was simply born out of a dream that one day smallholder farmers can enjoy a fair payoff for their hard work in the fields while the average households can enjoy affordable fresh local produce. We are working our way to create a breakthrough in the previously highly segmented, mysterious and overly underestimated sector. The journey is clearly not easy and full of resistance, but we believe that each step towards a greater cause is always worth the effort. HimiChain provides Reliablity, transparency & complete tracebility to the buyers of fruits & vegetables; who can purchase the fresh produce directly from the farmers.



A DeepTech platform for farmers to automate their farming processes.

We will need to feed Two Billion more people by 2050. Our need for nutritious food poses as one of the biggest risks to our planet. We need to identify innovative ways to enhance yield and scale impact while empowering farmers using same or lesser resources. HimiVille provides farmers with suite of services which they can avail in order to enchance the productivity & decrease the resoucres required for farming. HimiVille focuses on 4 aspects of farming: Input, Information, Infrastrcuture & Supply Chain. HimiVille's AI algroithm generates credit scores for the farmers and understands the farming conditions, predicting the best practices and ways to enchance the output.




Jai Choi

Jai Choi

Founder Partner, Tekton Ventures
Hemendra Mathur

Hemendra Mathur

Venture Partner, Bharat Innovation Fund