• Himikara - Cold Room Himikara is a sanskrit word meaning cold room, Saurabh & Aditya joined hands in solving the cold storage infrastructure problem of India via a 6MT solar run with pre-cooling functionality cold units. With the unit costing more than 14k US Dollars it become a difficult sell to small farmers in India. Hence, the first pivot.
  • Trading & Understanding Agriculture After cold hub product, Saurabh travelled across 14 states in India, interacting with 10k+ farmers to understand the challenges and potential solution. Saurabh & Aditya also executed trading activities investing their own $200k capital to understand the farmer's market, contractual farming activities and arbitrage on different commodities.
  • Land Aggregation Model Indian Agricultural Ecosystem faces the challenge of growing population and majority of population relying on farming as livelihood. With 80% farmers owning on an average less than one hectare farmland it is extremely challenging to deploy new technologies to increase the yield, cut down the costs and implement better manufacturing practices. Aggregating land in the form of FPOs or via leasing potentially can resolve this.

Finally - Agriculture 2.0

  • On Demand Precision Farming Himikara farms produce crops based on predicable or specific client demands. The farms are smart and Hi-tech yielding more and precisely requiring less resources.
  • Smart Connected and Managed Farms - Lease Farming Himikara lease farms, deploy smart farming technologies and employ the small farmers to increase the yield, decrease the wastage and increase the revenue of the farmers
  • Full Stack Agronomy - Contractual Farming Himikara provides partner and channel farmers with full stack agronomy providing them suite of services to standardize quality, ensuring consistency with full reliability in terms of supply.


Saurabh Singla

CEO & Co-founder

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Ashish Sandhu

Agricultural Operations

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Jai Choi

Md, Tekton Ventures

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Co-founder, Thinkag

Sompal Shastri

Ex Agricultural Minister, India

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